Programs & Services


The following are scheduled programs that our team offers to our district communities, followed by other available community programs.
For more information please call the NDFHT.



Diabetic Care

Diabetic Foot Care - Free services to individuals with complex diabetic conditions with the Foot Care Nurse. Available through physician referral

Diabetic Education Program - Information on how to properly manage your diabetes with an Registered Nurse and/or Registered Dietitian - Available through physician referral

Mental Health and Addiction Services

Mental health and addiction counselling with Mental Health Support Worker and/or Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying).

Holter/Loop Recorder Monitoring

Cardiac monitoring with a Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse - Available through physician referral only.

Cancer Screening

We provide screening appointments with our Registered Nurse for routine Paps - Available through physician or self referral


Adult Immunizations/Injections
Childhood Immunizations
Travel Immunizations
All available through physician or self referral

Cognitive Assessments

Appointment with a Registered Nurse - Available through physician referral

System Navigation

We offer assistance for patients/clients with forms and general navigation of the healthcare and government systems with the assistance of the Mental Health Support Worker.

Blood Pressure

Hypertension Program - Provides monthly monitoring & education to patients regarding management of high blood pressure with a Registered Nurse and/or Registered Practical Nurse - Available through physician referral.
Blood Pressure Monitoring - Available through physician or self referral.
24 Hour Blood Pressure - Compact blood pressure monitor patient would have applied, wear for 24 hours, then have removed in clinic - Available through physician referral.
Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) - A test that compares the blood pressure measured at the ankles with the blood pressure measured at the arm - Available through physician referral.

Ear Flush

Removal of cerumen(buildup) in the ear canal using warm water and a syringe. Patient to use mineral oil in the ear for at least a minimum of 5 days prior to appointment.

Community Outreach Programs

We provide various programs throughout the year in collaboration with other community partners
Self-Esteem Program - School based visits from the Mental Health Support Worker that focuses on building classroom resiliency, self-esteem, conflict and resolution.
Community Walking Program - Stay active with access to a safe indoor location to walk and socialize during the Winter months. Everyone welcome!
Best Start Programming - A series of workshops focused on optimal mental health and nutrition for mothers, infants and children provided by Registered Dietitian and Registered Psychotherapist.
Interactive Nutrition Program - Interactive workshops to help you build your confidence and knowledge around eating/cooking healthy provided by a Registered Dietitian.

Smoking Cessation

A Registered Nurse provides support to assist people who are ready to quit smoking - Nicotine replacement therapy is available - Available through physician or self referral.

Suboxone Maintenance Program

Medication and therapeutic treatment approach for opiate addiction made available through the Rapid Access to Addiction Medicine Program (RAAM) with the Addictions Program Care Coordinator and MD, partnered with PACE and NOSP - Available through physician or self referral.

Discharge Follow-Up

Post hospital discharge follow up phone call by a Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse to ensure patients have needed services arranged, and medications in order.

INR Management

INR monitoring required for patients who are on warfarin.


High Yield Approach to Risk Mitigation Safety(HARMS) - Protocol for all patients prescribed opiates for non-cancer pain to increase their safety.

Pap-A-Palooza is returning in April 2024!

This April, visit one of many participating clinics across Northwestern Ontario to increase cervical screening rates. If you are due for cervical screening, please call [INSERT CLINIC PHONE NUMBER] visit to find a participating site near you.

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🚨**New updated Urgent Care hours**🚨
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday's - Appointments to be booked same day, starting at 9:00 am, by calling 807-887-5252 ext. 2.

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Another option is available to those who aren't able to get into Urgent Care
for in person appointments here in Nipigon!

Call 1-888-684-1999 or visit Monday-Sunday between 1:00-9:00pm for any urgent care related needs, made available by
North West Region Virtual Care Clinic!

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Help spread the word, and #endthestigma!

Specialized services through "Support Services for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse" are available through NorWest Community Health Centres and Thunder Bay Counselling. Virtual services are available to support individuals across North Western Ontario as well!

HUUG 2023 Workshops_ (004)

Hospice Northwest Services now has Children and Teen monthly Grief Workshops running in Longlac, Geraldton, Manitouwadge, Marathon, Terrace Bay and Nipigon; as well as in Thunder Bay!

These workshops are facilitated by local professionals that have been trained in the HUUG (Help Us Understand Grief) program, and they offer opportunities for children and teens to normalize their grief in a safe and supportive setting.

They will also be offering a 6 week adult grief support workshop that is virtual and accessible to everyone in the region!